Side effects and symptoms

Late effects of pelvic radiotherapy

Find out more about late effects of pelvic radiotherapy and how they can be treated and managed.

  • About late effects

    Some people may have long term or late effects of pelvic radiotherapy. These can usually be treated or managed successfully.

  • Bladder changes

    Pelvic radiotherapy can damage the bladder and the muscles around it. This can change how the bladder functions.

  • If you have blood in your urine

    After pelvic radiotherapy, the blood vessels in the bladder may be weaker and cause blood in your urine.

  • Managing bladder late effects

    There are things you can do and different treatments that can help manage bladder changes.

  • Bowel changes

    Late bowel effects of pelvic radiotherapy are usually managed or treated successfully. Talk to your doctor if you notice any symptoms.

  • Managing bowel late effects

    Many bowel problems can be managed or treated with exercises, drugs and other treatments.

  • Diet and late bowel effects

    Changing your diet may help with some of the late effects to your bowel caused by pelvic radiotherapy.

  • Coping with bowel or bladder changes

    Planning ahead can make it easier to cope with any problems caused by bladder and bowel changes.

  • Late effects and sex life

    Pelvic radiotherapy can have some late effects on your sex life. Your doctor or nurse can give you advice on how to manage these.

  • Less common late effects

    There are some less common late effects that pelvic radiotherapy can cause.