Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Preventing weight loss

If you are trying to prevent weight loss, you could use our shopping lists, menus and diets.

  • The building-up diet

    If you have lost weight during cancer treatment, the building-up diet will help to give you more energy.

  • Know your food types

    Our bodies need different types of food to keep us healthy.

  • Adding energy and protein to everyday foods

    You can boost your energy intake by taking food supplements, or by eating foods naturally high in energy and protein.

  • Shopping list

    There are several types of food that can be particularly helpful in building up your diet.

  • Meal ideas

    You can increase your energy intake by preparing your meals slightly differently. Our menus offer some suggestions.

  • Caring for someone with weight loss

    If the person you are caring for has lost weight because of cancer, there are things you can do to help them eat better.