Tips for losing weight

Change your habits

  • Start the day with a healthy breakfast; this will help you cut out morning snacks and feel less hungry at lunchtime.
  • Eat at the table rather than in front of the TV – concentrating on your food helps you to enjoy it more and makes it easier to avoid snacking between meals.
  • Have a large glass of water before meals.
  • Tell your family and friends you’re cutting down so they can support you.

Cut down portion size

  • The amount you eat is just as important as the types of foods you choose. If you eat large portions, you‘re more likely to gain weight. There are things you can do to help cut down on food portions:
  • Use a smaller dinner plate – bigger plates need more food to fill them
  • Enjoy a healthy starter, such as a low-fat soup, melon or salad, before your main meal.
  • Eat slowly and avoid second helpings. It takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that you’re full, so rest for a while before deciding if you want more.
  • Avoid snacking straight from a bag or packet – put the amount of food you want to eat on a plate.

Fast foods and eating out

Fast food is usually high in energy and fat. So if you eat a lot of fast food, it’s important to cut down. Last-minute eating decisions can result in buying fast food and take-away food, so try to plan your healthy meals and snacks.

Even when you’ve changed to a healthier diet, there may be times you may want to be a little more relaxed about it. Everyone enjoys an occasional treat or a meal out with friends. If you’re having take-away food or eating out you can:

  • look for the healthier food options on the menu
  • ask about the ingredients in meals and smaller portion sizes
  • order a starter as a main course
  • share a main course with someone
  • order fruit salad for dessert.

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Managing your diet

Knowing about the different food types can help you manage your diet, reduce your calorie intake and lose weight.

Healthy eating ideas

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