Rare cancers

About one in five people with cancer in the UK (20%) have a rare cancer. Find out about what makes a cancer rare, the challenges of coping with a rare cancer and where to get information and support.

Treating rare cancer

If you have a rare cancer, your treatment will usually be planned by a team of specialists.


    Older people

    This information is for older people who have questions or concerns about cancer. It explains the different types of treatment and support available. It also has information about living with cancer and other conditions.

    Teens and young adults

    If you are a young person who is living with cancer, there is information and support especially for you.

    Children's cancer

    Information about children's cancers, including how they are diagnosed, the treatments involved, possible side effects and how to get support.

    Cancer and other conditions

    Information and advice to help you cope with cancer if you are also coping with another medical condition.

    Cancer and pregnancy

    Being diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy can be very hard. You might be coping with difficult feelings, or facing hard decisions about cancer treatment. Here is some information about coping with the emotional and practical issues you may experience, being diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy, the treatment you may have and having your baby.