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Prehabilitation provision The Royal Marsden

Published: 12 October 2021

The Royal Marsden is working with RM Partners to improve prehabilitation and rehabilitation services in West London. Natalie Harris talks us through what they did and the impact and outcomes.

Natalie Harris and Meredy Birdi Allied Health Professionals

The initiative

This initiative involved:
  • Working with RM Partners to scope and map out what prehabilitation and rehabilitation services are available across West London
  • Identifying gaps and then giving expert opinion on how rehabilitation should move forward.


What we did

  • Conducted interviews with therapy leads and the people doing the interventions and running the services in prehabilitation and rehabilitation.
  • Collated and analysed information – putting together a report for RM Partners to find out what was happening across acute trusts. This report was presented to the clinical oversight board.

Impact and outcomes

  • Highlighted gaps in services across West London, which provided a foundation for improving prehabilitation and rehabilitation services across regional level.
  • Projects and services in prehabilitation and rehabilitation are being explored and created following the sharing of the report.
  • This scoping exercise can easily be used again and by other services to develop their prehab models.

Future plans

  • Improve the route through to commissioners so that initiatives can be implemented.
  • Refine the writing of good business cases that can be used to create a good prehab model.


Find out more

You can contact the team by emailing Katharine Malhotra at:

More information on the Royal Marsden's work with RM Partners.

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