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Aspirant Cancer Career and Education Development (ACCEND) Programme

Funded by NHS England and co-delivered with Macmillan, the ACCEND programme provides guidance on what skills, knowledge and capabilities that certain healthcare professionals need to care for people affected by cancer. 

What is the ACCEND programme?

The purpose of the ACCEND programme is to provide clear and transparent guidance and direction on the knowledge, skills and capabilities required by healthcare professionals who care for people affected by cancer. It has been designed for people in non-oncology roles and specialist cancer services that are part of multi-professional teams across the UK.

Specifically the ACCEND programme is for:

  • support workers
  • nursing associates
  • nurses
  • allied health professionals
  • psychologists
  • pharmacists.

We know that significant parts of the workforce are under pressure now. Unless we act, we risk being without the right number of healthcare professionals with the right knowledge, skills and capabilities to effectively deliver the NHS Long Term Plan.

The ambitions for the future of cancer workforce were recently launched by in Long Term Workforce Plan.

The ACCEND programme will help increase and improve the supply of the cancer healthcare professional workforce in the future.

Who is involved with ACCEND?

Karen Livingstone is a Macmillan Clinical Specialist in Physiotherapy and Lymphoedema. Karen is sitting on a hospital bed. Her arms are in the air. She has on a white NHS uniform and her long hair is pulled into a ponytail. Across from her are three patients sitting in chairs with their arms in the air. In the background are posters for different cancer services and support.

The ACCEND is a programme hosted and funded by NHS England. Macmillan is the co-delivery partner. Many UK organisations have provided invaluable support and commitment for the programme. These include:

The ACCEND Framework


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