Your stay-at-home fundraising

We may not be able to get together with friends, family and colleagues in person, but there are still lots of ways you can safely fundraise for Macmillan in your own way. Whatever you choose, we’ll support you every step of the way to stay-at-home fundraising success!

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A screenshot of a maps mobile phone app in satellite mode overlooking a green field. The letter M is marked on a route in orange.

Map My M for Macmillan

Map out the shape of a Macmillan ‘M’ to support people living with cancer: Plan an M-shaped route in your local area then complete it however you like! Whether it’s a walk with your household, bike ride or solo half marathon, post a screenshot of your 'M' using #MapMyM and share the challenge with friends.

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A woman dressed in a blues suit and hat playing an oboe in her living room

Make music for Macmillan

Why not warm up your voices, tune your instruments – get your makeshift maracas at the ready - and organise remote sing-along or karaoke battle. Are you a member of a choir or orchestra? Why not suggest you come together for an online concert for friends and family to watch and donate their ‘ticket price’ to Macmillan.

Lots of different colour jars of food stacked up in 12 columns

Flaunt your inner foodie

Get your aprons on, ingredients at the ready and cook up a storm for Macmillan. There’s so many different ways to fundraise: from selling jams and chutneys online to your friends and local community, to fulfilling your dream of being a celebrity chef and filming your signature recipe, sharing it with friends and challenge them to re-create your dish!

Woman with a green Macmillan top on doing exercise at home

Face forty days of fitness

Challenge yourself to take on the gruelling challenge of doing something active every day, for forty days. As long as it’s active, anything goes – home workouts, online dance classes, jogging around your local area or training to do a handstand! Keep fit and fundraise to support people living with cancer.

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