Fundraising at home ideas

Feeling inspired to fundraise? Take a look at our A-Z of DIY fundraising ideas which you can do at home by yourself or with family, friends and colleagues.

A: Auction

Invite people to find an unwanted item in their house or think of a service (e.g. sharing a skill or buying a takeaway for a household) they're willing to put up for auction. Once you have a list, host a virtual auction over a video platform with all the proceeds going to Macmillan.


B: Birthday party

It's hard to be apart from loved ones on your birthday, but that doesn't stop you from having a party! Ask guests to come up with interactive games or activities that can be done virtually, dress to impress, blast out a party playlist and donate the money they would have spent on a birthday night out.


C: Cook-along

Do you have a secret or signature recipe to share? Invite friends and family to donate and attend your virtual cook-along, sharing your recipe and ingredients list beforehand.


D: Dare you

Ask people to suggest a dare and sponsor you to do it. Film yourself completing the dares and share it for all to see on your social media.


E: Entertainment

Unleash your inner director or choreographer and get sponsored to recreate scenes from your favourite films or music videos suggested by your friends and family.


F: Fancy-dress competition

Challenge your family or friends to a fancy-dress contest with a donation to enter and a prize up for grabs for the best dressed. Set the theme (70s style, book characters, heroes and villains etc) and encourage everyone to go all-out with their creative costumes.


G: Go Green for Macmillan

Macmillan-ify yourself, home and household and ask friends to sponsor or join you. You could dye your hair, eat green food all day and decorate your house with as much green as possible!


H: How many?

Pick a physical challenge (e.g. push-ups, burpees) and complete a rep for every pound that gets donated. Good luck, you may need it!


I: In it to win it

Stir up some healthy competition with friends and family and play your favourite board games or card games over your chosen video platform, with a donation to enter.


J: Joke's on you

Donate the cost of going to a comedy night and enjoy some virtual comedy with friends. Budding comedians can even test their own new material on you from a distance.


K: Karaoke night and distancing disco

Get those tonsils and toes warmed up and take to the virtual stage as a music idol. Whether you choose to sing pop, rock or belt out your favourite musical numbers, the choice is yours. Alongside becoming a star break out those dance moves and enjoy a virtual disco. Just be careful on those high notes and splits!


L: Let's get crafty

Roll up your sleeves and get stuck into a craft activity. Whether it's tie-dye, knitting, embroidery or your very own creative pursuit, you can ask for a donation in return for your creations in support of Macmillan.


M: Movie night

For all you film fans out there, find a movie all your friends can access then go to town making your own home cinema. Think themed food, fancy-dress and a ‘What comes next?’ challenge.


N: Name the...

Teddy-bear? House plant? New pet? Let your imagination run wild and collect donations in exchange for name suggestions!


O: Olympics

Even though the 2020 Olympics were postponed, you can still get into the spirit of the competition and host your own home or virtual Olympics – think egg and spoon races around the house, a limbo contest and a relay in the garden.


P: Place your bets

Host a virtual ‘casino’ –  think poker, roulette and a makeshift fruit machine. Play with monopoly money, pieces of pasta or another creative currency.


Q: Quiz time

Organise a quiz-night for friends, colleagues, in your community or online. However you choose to host, we've got ideas to help you get started as well as tips on how to smash it as a quizmaster.


R: Run a class

If you have a skill to share (e.g. yoga, baking, Zumba, dancing) why not hold a virtual class and invite all your friends and family to join you in discovering your talent.


S: Scavenger challenge

Our Great Scavenger Challenge pack contains everything you need to organise a scavenger hunt in your local area, with friends, family or colleagues. Take on our ready-to-go hunt or get creative and make your own unique challenge! Sign up now to get your pack and scavenger resources.


T: Tea and cake break

Host a virtual tea break and invite your friends or colleagues to donate the cost of a cuppa and a cake in a café.


U: Unique challenge

Whether you take on a timed challenge (like wearing a Hawaiian shirt every day), an endurance test (e.g. a 24-hour zumbathon or skipathon) or something else entirely, share your unique challenge with family and friends and live-stream or share on your social media channels.


V: Virtual curry night

Invite your friends or group members to cook up (or order in!) their favourite curry with all the trimmings. Grab a drink and enjoy it together during a group video call.


W: World culture

Spend the day celebrating your own culture or learning all about one that's new and interesting to you. From wearing traditional dress to cooking your favourite dish, enjoy celebrating your own or discovering new cultures.


X: X marks the spot

Host a virtual treasure hunt around the house, inviting friends and family to hunt down the same list of items in their own homes.


Y: Your way

None of the above tickle your fancy? Then do something completely your own and fundraise your way for Macmillan.


Z: Zzz...

Hold a sponsored sleepover or camp out with friends and family in their respective homes and stay up the whole night together on video calls. Get a list of movies or a TV show to binge-watch, not forgetting the popcorn and sweets to keep you fuelled through the night.