We work with the Scottish Parliament

The Public Affairs Scotland team works with MSPs to engage with and improve the lives of as many people affected by cancer as possible.

How we support MSPs

We’re here to help you make sure that people in your constituency are well supported at every stage of the cancer journey.

We can assist you by:

  • informing you with briefings and statistics ahead of debates and speeches
  • providing advice on constituency case work
  • updating you with tailored briefings about your local cancer population
  • arranging service visits in your constituency.

Together we can make a difference so no one in Scotland faces cancer alone.

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Our priorities for cancer care in Scotland

Transforming cancer care

Macmillan Cancer Support are working hard to ensure the Scottish Government Cancer Recovery Plan Recovery and Redesign: An Action Plan for Cancer Services is implemented in full, with the workforce that is required in place to support it.

The plan commits to implementing the Transforming Cancer Care programme, which is jointly funded by the Scottish Government and Macmillan Cancer Support.

This partnership will make Scotland the first country in the UK where all cancer patients will have access to a key support worker to receive dedicated financial, practical and emotional support.

Delivery of personalised care that meets the full range of people’s physical, emotional and practical support needs must not be forgotten as services are resumed following the COVID-19 pandemic and should remain a key priority for cancer services. Failing to identify and support people’s needs will result in poorer outcomes and experience for people living with cancer and may result in greater pressure on the health and care system later if unmet needs become more severe or reduce individuals’ ability to self-manage their health.


A new end of life strategy

Macmillan are calling on the Scottish Government to publish a new plan for palliative and end of life care in Scotland which is fully funded.

The previous Scottish Government Plan: Strategic Framework for Action on Palliative and End of Life Care 2016-2021 was welcomed by the sector, but as we look forward, there remains a significant challenge in ensuring appropriate support for people at the end of life, and the strategy has not achieved its overall ambition.

We want to see a comprehensive new plan for Scotland that focuses on ensuring the health system is supported and prepared with the resources required to meet the needs of everyone who is at end of life.


Tackling health inequalities

Action must also be taken to ensure the health inequality gap within cancer care does not become even wider due to the impact of COVID-19. Cancer incidence statistics routinely show that cancer rates are significantly higher in deprived communities, with lung cancer in particular, three times more common in these areas compared to the least deprived communities.

Macmillan are concerned that the disruption to the cancer system caused by the pandemic could particularly impact those from deprived communities, who were already more likely to be diagnosed later. We must ensure that all our services are focused on reducing inequalities in their design and delivery.


Campaign with us

Our campaigns fight for real change for people affected by cancer. By taking action, you can help transform the lives of people with cancer. Join us in demanding the best in cancer support.

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We shape policy

The Macmillan Policy team demands better for people affected by cancer by working across the UK to develop, drive and support policy solutions to improve their lives.

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Understanding the evidence

Macmillan’s research helps us, and others, understand the needs, numbers and experiences of people affected by cancer, to develop and influence better care and services.

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