Tom's Gift

Do you have or support a child aged 0 to 16 requiring treatment for cancer who would love a special present? If so, please apply for Tom’s Gift today.

What is Tom's Gift?

Tom’s Gift is a special present sent to children aged 0 to 16 who require treatment for cancer. This special present includes a mystery item and a £30 Debenhams gift voucher for them to spend in-store or online on anything they will find fun and enjoyable.

Created by The Tom Grahame Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support, it is a small way to celebrate the amazing courage and resilience of so many children.

How to apply

  • Download the form [PDF]
  • Or request one to be sent to you by contacting the Macmillan Grants team:
    Email us at or call 020 7840 7810
  • The form needs to be completed by a parent or guardian of the child and a health or social care professional involved in their treatment and care.

If you’re unsure whether a child is eligible, please contact the Macmillan Grants team.

Spread the word about Tom’s Gift

We’d like your help so that more children can benefit from Tom’s Gift. To promote the scheme:

You can also order printed posters and applications for free from be.Macmillan.

Further information

We have information to help when talking to children and teenagers about cancer.