Northern Ireland Assembly election 2022

The 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly election is coming in May – let’s work together and make our voices heard.

We’ll be working alongside Macmillan campaigners in Northern Ireland to put people living with cancer front and centre of every Members of the Legislative Assembly’s agenda in the new Assembly. 

Can you help us make sure that #cancermatters in this election?

Challenges to the cancer care system in Northern Ireland

The cancer care system in Northern Ireland is facing unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic, and Macmillan hears every day from people in desperate need of support.

Macmillan’s analysis of the cancer backlog estimates that Northern Ireland has over 1,000 missing diagnoses, despite the publication of the Cancer Recovery Plan. Cancer services were stretched before the pandemic and consistently missing the Executive’s waiting times targets.

The pandemic has led to serious challenges for cancer care in Northern Ireland.

Macmillan's priorities for the next Members of the Legislative Assembly

This election is a critical fork in the road. Not only will the Executive need to address the impact of the pandemic but it will need to decide whether we continue to do things as we have always done, or do we change the way in which care is delivered?

We have developed some key asks we want to see each party adopt ahead of the election and commit to delivering during the next Executive.

By 2027 we want to see the Executive deliver:

  • A multi-year cancer workforce funding settlement and deliver the next phase of Cancer Nurse Specialist expansion, ensuring Northern Ireland recruits 100 more by 2030.
  • Funding for a strategic transformation of Palliative and End of Life Care. This will ensure that everyone who needs it can access integrated and personalised end-of-life care when and where they need it.
  • Personalised integrated care for everyone with cancer. Through implementation of the Cancer Strategy’s recommendations, everyone should be offered an electronic holistic needs assessment and signposted onto emotional, practical and financial support in their community.
  • An offer of emotional and wellbeing support for everyone living with cancer which is tailored to their individual needs.
  • A commitment from the Health Minister to publish an annual progress report on closing health inequalities in cancer care.

You can read more about our manifesto asks in our candidate briefing.


Take action

Join our campaign to ensure that the next Executive does not let cancer become the forgotten ‘C’ of the pandemic. You can:

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