Cancer — a costly diagnosis?

Cancer can affect people in many ways. But what is often overlooked, and can be devastating, is the financial cost of cancer. Our new report focuses on the first-hand experiences of the difficulties faced by people living with cancer.

Stop cancer becoming the Forgotten 'C'

Now, more than ever, people living with cancer need to be able to get the right treatment, care and support, at the right time.

Find out how you can take action to stop cancer becoming the forgotten ‘C’ in your nation.


Cancer doesn’t just affect your health, it can come with a hefty price tag, too. What is often overlooked, and can be devastating, is cancer’s financial impact. On average, four out of five people are £570 a month worse off because of their diagnosis. We want to make sure that people living with cancer are getting the financial support they need when diagnosed and treated for cancer.

It is vital that MPs and decision makers listen to the first-hand experiences of the financial impact of cancer. This is why we have produced our new report: ‘Cancer – A Costly Diagnosis? Stories of the Financial Impact of Cancer’. Using real life stories, the report focuses on the impact of a cancer diagnosis on Universal Credit, banking and travel insurance. 

The financial impact of cancer is extremely unfair. Together we can make sure those who have the power to make change understand the real-life stories of people like Pavitter and Terry. You can take a look at the report and read their stories here

I was living very comfortably before I got the news of my diagnosis. Then it just all just collapsed. Everything. Soon after I began treatment for my Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, my financial situation just spiralled out of control.