A person is standing and cheering outside at the London Landmarks Half Marathon. They're wearing a green Macmillan top and holding a green maraca in their left hand. On their head is a gold hat with red tassles.

What next after your fundraising challenge?

The first thing to do after completing your fundraising challenge is take a well-earned rest and give yourself a huge pat on the back. Congratulations! As you will know by now, as well as being massively rewarding, fundraising can be tough, both mentally and if you’ve been training in the lead up to an event, then physically as well. 

What next?

Macmillan trail runners being supported by Team Macmillan

Do another event

A band performing at an event. The woman in the forefront has a saxophone in her hand and is speaking into the microphone. The 2 people in the background are playing guitars.

Challenges based on activities or hobbies you're passionate about

A Macmillan cheer point at the London Marathon. A person in a green Macmillan t shirt is holding up a poster that says 'You can do it!' with a picture of a trophy on it. There is a group of people standing behind a barrier holding up green Macmillan banners.


People queuing outside parliament.


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