The Green Room event series

A series of expert panel discussions exploring the issues and ideas shaping the future of cancer care.

Past events

Event speakers

Rachel Higham wearing black shirt and black jacket smiling at camera

Rachel Higham (Chair)

A headshot of Dawn. They have short hair that has been dyed green. They are smiling.

Dawn Lee

A headshot of Tej. They are wearing black rimmed glasses and have a beard and moustache. They are also wearing a white shirt and black blazer.

Tej Panesar

Richard Simcock headshot

Professor Richard Simcock

Joe is standing. They have short hair and are wearing a white shirt and grey blazer.

Joe Stringer

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Our philanthropy events are an opportunity for people who are interested in our services to find out more about current and new ways we help people living with cancer while offering a way for people to support specific projects.

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