Remembering someone

When someone dies, you may wish to think of different ways to remember them. Find out more about in-memory events and social media tributes.

Special dates

You may find anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions very difficult after the death of your relative or friend. They may be particularly difficult during the first year. People describe starting to feel better and then feeling shocked about the strength of their emotions again.

With time, these feelings will often get less intense. Some people find it helpful to do something special to mark an anniversary or birthday. Or they make time at a celebration to remember their relative or friend.

For example, you could:

  • sit quietly in a place that has special memories for you
  • share memories and stories at a family celebration
  • post on a memorial page on a social media site
  • organise an event in memory of your relative or friend.

In-memory events

Some people find it helpful to remember or celebrate the life of their relative or friend by donating to or raising money for charity.

It is one way that people can:

  • express their grief
  • channel their energy
  • focus on moving forward.

If you would like to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, we have more information about remembering someone in this way.

Social media and memorialised accounts

Your relative or friend may have had a Facebook or other social media account. When someone dies, it is possible to change some of these accounts into memorialised accounts.

This allows you and other family members and friends to share memories. You can get information about how to change someone's account to a memorialised account from most social media websites.

You can also create a new group on a social media site, where you and other people can share memories of your relative or friend.

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