Information and support centres

Macmillan information and support centres support people affected by cancer. They are free to use and we have centres across the UK.

How we can support you

Macmillan information and support centres are located across the UK. They are free to use and you do not need to book an appointment to visit.

At Macmillan, we know how a cancer diagnosis can affect everything. We can help with:

  • managing the effects of cancer treatment
  • how cancer impacts on your daily life
  • financial support
  • emotional support.



In this video: Paul on visiting a Macmillan information and support centre after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

"One of the problems us boys have is that we don't like to ask for help. But Macmillan made me feel like you weren't asking for help. The oncology team suggested I go down to the information centre. Mario was immediately able to click onto the sorts of things I might need." Paul, diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012.

Finding your nearest information and support centre

You can find your nearest information and support centre by searching for support in your area

All our information and support centres have teams of experts and trained volunteers. They are there to listen to you, give advice and answer any questions you may have. The centres are easy to find and use. They are usually based in:

  • hospitals
  • libraries
  • community centres.

Some of the centres have counselling, complementary therapies, and courses to help you if you're going through cancer treatment.

Macmillan Environments

Every year over 67,000 people are helped in our cancer treatment and care buildings.

Space, art and gardens are key in our most recent projects, to help people feel comfortable during treatment or palliative care. They often feature a tranquil garden for visitors to relax in.

Combining classic architecture with modern design, information and support centres are beautiful. Centres offer counselling services and meditation as well as a relaxing space to talk to someone.

If you are living with cancer you will be directed to your local centres as part of your engagement with Macmillan. You can find all centres close to you by using In your area.

We have six centres that have been specially designed: