Physical support for Paul

See how Macmillan supported Paul’s physical well-being after his cancer diagnosis.

Paul was diagnosed with tonsil cancer in 2014. His treatment included radiotherapy and a side effect of this was third degree burns on the inside and outside of his neck. Paul had a Macmillan nurse, Jo, from the day after surgery. She gave him intensive support during radio and chemotherapy when Paul became very ill with nausea, vomiting and mental distress. All the way through, Paul’s Macmillan nurse was right there to help him deal with the physical effects of his treatment. She also provided support for a month after the treatment finished. Paul is a keen photographer and Jo’s support helped him get back outside with his camera again.

‘Like many, I think developing a cancer came a bit of a surprise,’ says Paul. ‘The NHS focused on the cancer but I felt Macmillan focused on me as a person. I felt held and contained by my Macmillan nurse Jo, who gave me advice on wearing a hat and factor 50 sun cream.

'I also had support from other Macmillan workers during and after my treatment, support from the Macmillan Buddy Scheme, counselling post-treatment and support from the HOPE group.

'Since my diagnosis and treatment, I have made a conscious effort to notice all the good things that happen as it makes coping with the bad things easier. For example, when I went to and from radiotherapy every day, I walked through my favourite park in Brighton. Because of this, I looked forward to the journeys, so turned a potentially difficult walk into something I looked forward to.

'Macmillan was there as a friend you knew you could call on. In an unendurable situation they created a space where it became endurable and I’m very grateful for that.’

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