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Ali was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2015 after a cervical smear test found abnormal cells. She was supported by a Macmillan nurse, Helen, from the day she was diagnosed, who took the time to explain the treatment options to her.

Unfortunately the first surgery was not successful and Ali had to decide whether to have a hysterectomy – something that was incredibly hard as Ali had always wanted another child. Again her Macmillan nurse was there to help her make the best decision for her and her family. After surgery Ali made a rapid recovery and received the all clear. Since then, she has held local fundraising events for Macmillan that raised over £10,000 in just two years.

'My Macmillan nurse Jane was amazing’, says Ali. ‘Once the consultant had shared my diagnosis, I didn’t hear much else for what seemed an eternity.

'I thanked the consultant for his time and walked out with my Macmillan nurse. We went to her room and we sat and discussed the information again. I knew she was there to listen and guide me — not tell me what to do, but just give me the information I need to make an informed decision.

'The first treatment did not work so unfortunately, I had to have the full hysterectomy. Again Jane sat with me to explore this and discuss my feelings as, alongside not being able to have another child, I felt that they would be taking an essence of my femininity away. These were things I didn’t want to discuss with my nearest and dearest, so it was important for me to have a Macmillan nurse there to be able to gain the support and advice from.

'I’m not sure if Jane realised what this had meant to me and the difference her being there had meant. The support that the Macmillan nurses provide from beginning to end is immense and I will forever be indebted.

'I would say hand on heart Macmillan were there for me from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.'

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