Award-winning cancer information

If you’re affected by cancer, you’re bound to have questions. Our cancer information can help.

We have information about:

  • over 60 types of cancer
  • treatments for cancer
  • managing symptoms and side effects
  • practical issues like money, work and travel
  • coping with emotions.

You can order free publications from be.Macmillan. We also have information in different languages and formats.

If Macmillan hadn’t been there, it would have like been like going into a dark tunnel blind. I wouldn’t have known what to expect.


  • How we produce our information

    Our editorial policy means our information is based on the latest evidence and is reviewed every 2 to 3 years. It is written in plain English and we try to make it accessible to the widest range of people.

  • Cancer information awards

    Our information has won awards from the British Medical Association (BMA). These awards recognise top-quality, accessible and clinically balanced patient information.

  • We value your feedback

    Hearing from the people who use our information is very important, discover how you can tell us what you think is good and what could be better.