Macmillan research grants scheme

At Macmillan we run an open competition grant funding scheme for UK-based researchers who have proposals for research projects that address questions relevant to our current call, that are scientifically and methodologically excellent, and that have clear potential to benefit people living with cancer.

To reach and improve the lives of everyone living with cancer, we invest in research that helps us to understand the numbers, needs and experiences of people living with cancer and generate the evidence needed to enable a better cancer experience.

Calls for applications

The Macmillan Research Grants Scheme currently has no open calls.

Read about the research projects funded through the 2017 scheme.

The next call for applications will be launched in April 2018.

Details of the call scope and how to apply will be made available on this webpage when the call is launched.

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Our application and review process

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Open call

Macmillan announces focus areas for funding research and key dates in the application process.



Applicants submit outline application and all supporting documents to Macmillan.

Macmillan confirms receipt of application and confirms time frame for decision process.


Internal triage

Outline applications undergo internal review to check that they meet all the criteria of the call, and to assess their consistency with Macmillan’s published research strategy, their relevance to the call scope, and their potential to benefit people living with cancer.

Successful applicants are invited to submit a full application which is sent for external peer review.

Unsuccessful applicants are informed of the decision.


External peer review

Full applications are reviewed by external scientific peer reviewers, who are experts in the relevant area of research, to assess the scientific quality of the research.

Applications are also reviewed by people affected by cancer to assess the relevance of the research for them, as well as the quality of plans for the involvement of people affected by cancer in the research.

Applicants receive peer reviewers’ feedback, and have an opportunity to submit a response to the reviewers.


Research Advisory Panel (RAP)

The Research Advisory Panel review and evaluate the applications and assessments before recommending which applications should be prioritised for funding.

The recommendations are signed off by Macmillan’s Executive Strategy Team.

Applicants are notified about the decision of their application.