Out and about in 2018

Members of the Evidence department attend a number of events throughout the year to talk, present or share insights. Below are further details of the events we have coming up in 2018.

Public Health England’s National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service: Cancer Data, Outcomes and Services conference; 20-21 June 2018; Manchester

In June, members of the Evidence department will represent Macmillan at Public Health England’s Cancer Data, Outcomes and Services Conference in Manchester. This annual two-day event, allows us to promote how Macmillan is using health data to improve nationwide cancer services.

The conference attracts prominent members of the cancer data community, researchers, policy makers and clinicians. It provides an important platform to raise Macmillan’s profile as an expert on the 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK, and the data partnerships we maintain across the UK.

The conference will explore how data is being used to prevent, diagnose and help treat people with cancer using research from leading experts, as well as how novel data sets, sources and innovations in the use of cancer data can help make changes to service delivery and quality of patient care.

Macmillan will be heavily involved in delivering sessions during the conference:

  • Sponsoring a Q&A workshop on data access in the age of GDPR, opt-out and informed choice.
  • Delivering a speed presentation looking at aspects of patient experience that predict satisfaction with care.
  • Chairing parallel sessions on using data across the pathway, patient experience and outcomes, quality of life and living with and beyond cancer.

We will also be presenting our latest work with the UK cancer registries and delivering programmed sessions on the following projects:

  • Development of recurrence identification.
  • Cancer prevalence: the benefits of a centralised national registry.
  • Reviewing quality of life following colorectal cancer surgery.
  • Impact of prior health on predicted survival of melanoma.