Local cancer intelligence

Understanding the changing story of cancer in your local area.

Two and a half million people are living with cancer in the UK today and by 2030 the number will have increased to four million.

If the right cancer services are to be commissioned across the UK, it is essential NHS commissioners and other health professionals understand the cancer changes in their local area. That’s why Macmillan and collaborative partners have been working together to produce information tools, in the form of websites, called Local Cancer Intelligence.

Access the Local Cancer Intelligence (LCI) tool for England 

LCI England, is a collaboration with Public Health England’s National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS).

Access the Local Cancer Intelligence tool for Northern Ireland (LCI NI).

LCI NI is in collaboration with the N. Ireland Cancer Registry (NICR).

Local Cancer Intelligence combines the best data and insights from Macmillan and other sources. It brings together new and existing evidence to help you understand the changing story of cancer, and builds on our joint expertise on the numbers, needs and experiences of people affected by cancer.

As well as being a useful tool for commissioners, Local Cancer Intelligence is designed to support Macmillan’s local Service Development teams. Who work in partnership with Macmillan Professionals, the local NHS, Local Authorities, national and local voluntary organisations and other charities to develop services for people affected by cancer in their region.

Email Macmillan's Evidence experts with any questions about the Local Cancer Intelligence tools.