Understanding the evidence

Macmillan’s own evidence has revealed the story of cancer is changing. In 2010 there were two million people living with cancer a diagnosis in the UK. In 2015 this number reached 2.5 million, and the figure is expected to reach four million by 2030[1]. The evidence that we produce helps us, and others, understand the needs, numbers and experiences of people affected by cancer.

  • The cancer story is changing

    Macmillan's own evidence has revealed the story of cancer is changing. This section will help you to understand the cancer population, how we can improve cancer care services and develop more personalised care.

  • Our research funding and partnerships

    Explore our Research Grants Scheme, Research Strategy and active research grants and learn about the partner organisations we work with.

  • Our research publications

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  • Cancer statistics

    We use data to gain insight into the experiences of people living with, and affected by, cancer throughout the UK.

  • Cancer intelligence

    Cancer intelligence provides us with the evidence we need to deliver better outcomes.

  • Meet the team

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