These resources are designed to help you to continually improve your skills and expand your knowledge.

  • About Be.Macmillan

    Order free cancer information, create materials to promote your service, order merchandise and learn more about Macmillan’s brand.

  • Practical tools for healthcare professionals

    Macmillan produce a number of tools which you may find useful in your role. Many of them can be downloaded directly from Learn Zone or be.Macmillan.

  • Practical tools for people affected by cancer

    Find out about practical tools for your patients to help them manage their cancer treatment, and guides to help them deal with work-related and financial issues.

  • Support for GPs

    Macmillan has produced a number of documents to assist GPs in influencing their local health economy and help shape the future of primary care.

  • Support for nurses

    We want to help nurses provide the best care and support possible whilst also supporting them in their careers. Find out about our resources for nurses.

  • Supporting carers

    Lack of support to care can lead to an increased need for health and social care services, for the carer and the person they’re caring for. Carers most commonly present in health settings.

  • 10 Top Tips downloads

    These PDFs offer practical hints, tips and information on a variety of different primary care situations and scenarios.

  • Work and cancer information for health professionals

    Macmillan has developed a range of learning tools and resources to support you in talking about employment issues with people affected by cancer.