Recovery package resources

Below is a list of resources to help you implement the four interventions of the Recovery Package. These range from research reports and sharing good practice guides, to tools and templates. We also have resources for people affected by cancer to ensure they are fully informed and supported throughout the Recovery Package.

Recovery Package

Sharing good practice guide

Recovery Package Learn Zone page

This offers detailed learning modules on each component of the Recovery Package. It explains the benefits and challenges of implementing each component and include tips on implementation. Additionally, there are links to resources, presentations, and videos.

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Stratified pathways of care for people living with and beyond cancer: A 'how to' guide

An economic analysis of the Recovery Package

Resources for patients

What to do after cancer treatment ends: 10 top tips

Your support and follow-up care

Holistic Needs Assessment and electronic Holistic Needs Assessment

Sign up to use the eHNA

Final evaluation report - evaluation of the eHNA

eHNA pocket-sized leaflet

This resource provides a brief explanation of what an HNA is, and highlights that patients are able to gain extra support by completing one. Space is provided for key workers to enter their contact details and the patient's eHNA passcode to enable them to complete it online.

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Assessment and care planning for cancer survivors

Assessment and care planning folders

If you are a healthcare professional, this folder contains a paper assessment and care plan for you to carry out with your patient. It contains a triplicate so you can keep a copy for your records, give a copy to your patient, and send a copy to your patients GP.

Order Assessment and care planning folders from be.Macmillan.


Holistic Needs Assessment Care and Support Planning: A guide for professionals

eHNA resources for patients

Planning your care and support

Treatment summaries

Treatment summary – How-to Guide

Treatment summary - Triplicate pack

If you are a secondary care professional, our triplicate pack contains a template so you can easily complete a treatment summary. Once this is filled out, you can keep a copy for the patient notes, give a copy to your patient, and send a copy to the patients GP.

Order the Treatment summary triplicate pack for professionals.


Cancer Care Review (CCR)

Carrying out an effective cancer care review

Cancer Care Review user guide

Health and wellbeing events

Health and wellbeing events - How to guide

For more information on the Recovery Package and support with implementing the eHNA please contact your regional team.

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