Move More Scotland

Move More Scotland is part of Macmillan Cancer Support’s national campaign to ensure that people living with cancer are supported to become physically active, both before, during and after their treatment.

A growing body of evidence shows that being active can play a vital role in helping to prevent a recurrence of cancer. It can also slow disease progression as well as reducing the side effects and consequences of cancer treatment, such as fatigue.

Working in partnership, Macmillan Cancer Support is delivering the Move More programme throughout Scotland.

The individually-tailored programme of physical activity support is designed to help people with cancer to become, and stay, active at a level that’s right for them. That could mean gardening, joining a walking group or taking part in Gentle Movement classes or more traditional supervised gym-based programmes. Move More is about providing opportunities for people to get moving in an enjoyable way that suits their lifestyle.

Two older men stand holding small dumbells in their hands

Our partners offer a wide range of opportunities – including cancer specific or Macmillan friendly options. The cancer specific options have been designed specifically for people affected by cancer:

Gentle Movement

Takes you through a range of exercises which incorporate breathing techniques and mindfulness, led by qualified volunteers. The exercises are designed to get you moving but also provide you with an opportunity to relax. All the exercises can be done seated or standing.

Walking groups

Led by a trained volunteer, these groups are low level, short, sociable walks which can be adapted to suit the participants.

Circuits-based exercise classes

These classes are delivered by fitness instructors with specialist cancer and exercise training. All classes are supported by volunteers.

Six people walking towards the camera through a field.

Gardening groups

These are led by volunteers and provide participants with the opportunity to get active through gardening. Activities can include developing floral and sensory garden displays or growing your own fruit and vegetables to harvest and take home to enjoy. Raised beds are utilised for ease of access and green fingers are not required.

Move More classes are currently being offered in:

A pair of hands hold a small pot with seedlings in front of a bench with several seedling pots on