Cancer genetics

This page tells you about the information and resources Macmillan has on cancer genetics. This information is for people who may be concerned about their risk of developing cancer because of an inherited gene. It is available as printed information which you can order from be.Macmillan and is also on the information and support section of the website.

Our cancer genetics information and services

Are you worried about...cancer?

A series of leaflets offering information about family history and cancer risk, what people can do if they are worried about their risk of cancer and how they can help reduce their risk. The series covers breast, bowel, ovarian and prostate cancer, as well as a general leaflet about cancer risk.

Cancer genetics – how cancer sometimes runs in families

For anyone worried that cancer may run in their family or who has been told that there is a cancer gene in their family. The booklet provides information about bowel, breast and ovarian cancer.

Risk-reducing breast surgery

Information for women who have been told they have a high risk of developing breast cancer compared to the general population. This  might be because of a strong family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer, or because they had chest radiotherapy for lymphoma as a teenager or young adult.

Cancer genetics resources

Charities and organisations

Cancer Research UK has online information for health professionals on genes and cancer.

The NHS National Genetics Education and Development Centre's website has information organised into sections on: learning genetics, teaching genetics and genetics in practice. Resources on its website include:

Policy context