Building on the best in Scotland: Compassionate care at the end of life

Macmillan is working with the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care on the new Building on the best programme. This aims to bring health professionals, patients, carers and families together to improve how hospitals support people who may be approaching the end of their life.

Around half the people who die in Scotland, die in hospital. For those who don’t, hospitals still have an important role in helping patients, carers and families manage the uncertainty inherent in advanced, progressive illness by discussing and helping them plan their future care.

A focus of Building on the best in Scotland is to strengthen communication between healthcare professionals, patients and their families to enable shared decision-making and improve the transfer of information between care settings.

Initial work is being undertaken at one site and the project will work in three locations eventually.

Staff, patients, carers and families will be asked about their experiences of end-of-life care and communication in hospital – what is good and where improvements can be made.

These insights will inform the development and testing of practical improvements, and it is hoped the lessons learned will lead to improved patient experience in hospitals across the country.

'Building on the best' written next to three semi circles joining to make a circle shape.