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Winter 2018

We hear from Macmillan Palliative Care Service Improvement Pharmacist Peter Armstrong about his work to improve access to palliative medicines for people with cancer at the end of life. You can also find out more about the new Macmillan strategy. This edition of Sharing Good Practice is all about primary care.

Mac Voice Winter 2018 [PDF]

Sharing Good Practice Winter 2018 [PDF]

Autumn 2018

We speak to Macmillan Senior Lecturer Julie Armoogum about her role as both a teacher and researcher at the University of West England. Chief Executive Officer Lynda Thomas talks about the publication of Macmillan’s annual report and we discover how Macmillan professionals are supporting people in hard-to-reach communities. This issue of Sharing Good Practice looks at new innovations in Enhanced Recovery After Surgery.

Mac Voice Autumn 2018 [PDF]

Sharing Good Practice Autumn 2018 [PDF]

Summer 2018

The National Clinical Lead for Lymphoedema in Wales, Melanie Thomas, speaks to us about her proudest achievements, and we find out more about how Macmillan professionals are sharing their knowledge abroad. This issue of Sharing Good Practice focuses on the role of support workers in cancer care.

Mac Voice Summer 2018 [PDF]

Sharing Good Practice Summer 2018 [PDF]

Spring 2018

We meet Jilby Augustine, the UK’s only Macmillan Pastoral Care Worker, and hear three different perspectives on how volunteers can support people living with cancer. This issue of Sharing Good Practice focuses on cancer and older people.

Mac Voice Spring 2018 [PDF]

Sharing Good Practice Spring 2018 [PDF]


Winter 2017

We meet the winners of the Macmillan Professionals Excellence Awards 2017 and hear three different perspectives on palliative and end of life care. This issue of Sharing Good Practice focuses on Allied Health Professionals.

Mac Voice Winter 2017 [PDF]

Sharing Good Practice Winter 2017 [PDF]

Autumn 2017

Macmillan Consultant Occupational Therapist Gerard McFeely talks about supporting people with cancer to stay in work. Also in this issue, we focus on cancer and mental health and share best practice in action learning.

Mac Voice Autumn 2017 [PDF]

Sharing Good Practice Autumn 2017 [PDF]

Summer 2017

We speak to Sarcoma Advanced Nurse Practitioner Johanne Vass about winning a Macmillan Innovation Excellence Award. Find out more about helping women with cancer during pregnancy and Macmillan's new partnership with Age UK in Wakefield.

Mac Voice Summer 2017 [PDF]

Spring 2017

We hear from Mario Barlaba, Macmillan Cancer Support and Information Officer about giving back after a cancer diagnosis. This issue, Sharing Good Practice looks at support for LGBT people affected by cancer.

Mac Voice Spring 2017 [PDF]

Sharing Good Practice Spring 2017 [PDF]


Winter 2016

Celebrate the outstanding teams and individuals that were recognised at the Macmillan Professionals Excellence Awards. Zahida Hussain talks about her role on the Macmillan Support Line and we look at how Macmillan provides face-to-face benefits advice around the UK.

Mac Voice Winter 2016 [PDF]

Sharing Good Practice Winter 2016 [PDF]


Autumn 2016

In this issue, we meet nurse to the Queen Lyn Wilkinson, learn about Macmillan Professional Coaching opportunities and explore how we can improve lung cancer care.

Mac Voice Autumn 2016 [PDF]

Sharing Good Practice Autumn 2016 [PDF]

Summer 2016

Macmillan Cancer Nurse Specialist Carol Davies describes being at the forefront of innovation in lung cancer treatment. Hear from Macmillan financial support specialists and learn about the work of the Lymphoedema Association.

Mac Voice Summer 2016 [PDF]

Sharing Good Practice Summer 2016 [PDF]


Spring 2016

Dr Neil Smith talks about his project 'Think Cancer'. We also explore the complexities of cancer in older people and celebrate 40 years of Macmillan Professionals.

Mac Voice Spring 2016 [PDF]

Sharing Good Practice Spring 2016 [PDF]