Mac Voice

Your free quarterly magazine, written by and for health professionals – showcasing work and sharing good practice to support you in your role.

In the current issue:

We talk to Macmillan Patient and Public Engagement Lead, Katy Horton-Fawkes. Katy discusses her role to make sure that the voices of people living with cancer are heard when developing and delivering cancer services.

Also in this issue:

  • how NHS Lanarkshire is using the Macmillan Values Based Approach to improve breast cancer care
  • workshop highlights from the 2018 Macmillan Professionals Conference
  • details of a new Macmillan Clinical Psychology Service in Portsmouth for people living with cancer.

Download Mac Voice – Spring 2019 [PDF]

Sharing Good Practice

In this issue of Sharing Good Practice, we highlight key learnings from the Transforming Care After Treatment Programme in Scotland.

Download Sharing Good Practice – Spring 2019 [PDF]