Celebrating 70 years of the NHS

As the NHS turns 70 this year, we want to recognise the hard work of Macmillan professionals and thank all the amazing staff that make up our National Health Service.

The impact of Macmillan professionals

We’re really proud to work side by side with the NHS to help people with cancer find their best way through.

Macmillan professionals including nurses, GPs, physiotherapists and benefits advisers, help us support hundreds of thousands of people every year, and on their behalf we’d like to say a huge thank you.

People living with cancer frequently tell us that their Macmillan professional is one of the people they turn to during difficult times. We also hear how Macmillan professionals have often exceeded their expectations to make them feel supported, and to ensure they are heard. Read more of these personal stories.

Did you know?

In 2017 alone:

  • Macmillan nurses offered one-to-one support to 658,000 people living with cancer, helping to ensure all their needs were met, not just their clinical ones.
  • Macmillan allied healthcare professionals (including physiotherapists, dietitians, pharmacists and occupational therapists) supported 207,000 people.
  • Our local benefits advice services helped over 136,000 people across the UK secure over £211.4 million in benefits they were entitled to but not claiming.
  • Macmillan information and support services helped over 304,000 people.
  • Our mobile information and support services reached over 181,00 people, visiting high streets, communities and events across the UK.

Those are just some of the reasons we’re thanking all the professionals who work with people affected by cancer, and why we’ll continue to support them.


For more information about the impact that Macmillan professionals make, visit our impact briefs page or read our annual report.

The vital role of professionals and the NHS

The first Macmillan nurse was appointed in 1975. Since then the story of cancer and the cancer workforce has changed and is continuing to change.

People are living longer with cancer, often with other long-term conditions, and they have to deal with the consequences of cancer treatment too.

This means the role of professionals and the NHS, who many of them work for, is more vital than ever. In order to keep supporting people, we need to make sure the NHS and its cancer workforce are fit for growing demand.

So how can you help?

  • Campaign  Email you local MP to support our future vision for the NHS.
  • Donate  We can only support Macmillan professionals with the funds raised by our donors. As little as £2 a month could pay for a nurse for an hour.