Your emotions

We're here to help with the emotional and practical issues you and your loved ones might face following a cancer diagnosis.

  • Dealing with your emotions

    There are lots of emotions to deal with when you have cancer. We can help you work through them.

  • Who can help

    Find out who is here to support you, advise you and guide you through treatment.

  • Managing day-to-day life

    Cancer can affect everything from work to your diet. We can help with the practical issues you might face.

  • When someone close to you has cancer

    When someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer it can be an overwhelming experience. We have advice to help you cope.

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Getting support

Find out more about our free support line, Macmillan nurses, information services and support groups near you.

Relationships and sex

Understanding what is happening and getting the right support can help you in your close relationships.

Advanced cancer

Get help with treatment decisions associated with advanced cancer, and find ways to cope with symptoms, side effects, and emotional impacts.

At the end of life

We can help you find practical and emotional support at the end of life and through bereavement.