Volunteers' Week

Volunteers’ Week ran from 1 – 7 June and this year we celebrated the difference Macmillan volunteers make to the lives of people affected by cancer.

What is Volunteers' Week?

Volunteers’ Week is a fantastic opportunity for everyone at Macmillan to celebrate and say a huge thank you to our amazing volunteers.

How you got involved:

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You joined the Facebook event

Favourite volunteering stories and photos were shared and Facebook followers kept up to date with the latest Volunteers’ Week news.

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Volunteer today

If you felt inspired this Volunteers’ Week, head to the Volunteering Village to find out about available opportunities. Apply today and make a difference.

What's the impact of volunteering?

The impact that volunteers have on the work we do really is enormous. Last year our Macmillan volunteer groups and committees worked together to raise almost £8m, and our Macmillan Support Line volunteers helped to respond to almost 150,000 calls and web enquiries from people affected by cancer. Here are just a few examples that demonstrate how the time that people so kindly give makes a difference.

Leyla, Macmillan marathon runner - making a difference to Macmillan

'When you get to the first Macmillan cheer point you can see the big green banner and a flurry of green tops with amazing volunteers. They all shout your name and for a moment you feel a bit like a celebrity. The volunteers are the champions too!'

For Macmillan, the impact of everyone who turns up to cheer on our challenge event participants is huge. So, to Leyla and all our incredible volunteer cheerers, thank you for making a difference.

Ravinder, Volunteer Ambassador - making a difference to people affected by cancer

'It’s a taboo in our society really. I was told not to talk about my cancer diagnosis but I went out and did the opposite.'

Ravinder is a remarkable volunteer ambassador who is determined to turn her own breast cancer experience into a positive. From encouraging more women affected by cancer to seek help to giving talks on her experiences locally and generating significant press coverage, without volunteers like Ravinder we simply wouldn’t be able to reach as many people affected by cancer.

Jake, Volunteer editorial board member - making a difference to volunteers themselves

'I think my volunteering experience really helped me when I was applying for roles and answering the questions in my interviews. I didn’t hesitate to put Macmillan on my CV.'

After a year of volunteering, Jake landed himself a job in marketing at Nationwide. From learning how to manage your time to understanding how to empathise with others, Jake’s story shows the difference volunteering can make and the range of skills you can gain.