Share your experience

We want all our volunteers to feel part of Macmillan and have their say. That's why we encourage you to chat with fellow volunteers on the Online Community and give feedback through our Volunteer Forum.

If you've had a cancer experience, there are other ways you can get your voice heard. Sharing your story through our Cancer Voices service or with the media, or by giving advice on our Online Community, are all powerful ways to help change the future of cancer care and make life better for people affected by cancer.

  • Share your story with the media

    Personal experiences help us engage readers around our cause and bring our stories to life. By raising awareness of what we do in the national and local press we can reach more people.

  • Cancer Voices

    Use your cancer experience to help change the future of cancer care. You could join a hospital's advisory group, review cancer information materials, talk to schools about your cancer experience or campaign to change local cancer policies.

  • Volunteer Forum

    Have your say on what it's like to volunteer for Macmillan and help us make the volunteering experience the best it can be.

  • Our Online Community

    Share your experience and support others through our Online Community.

Want to shape the future of cancer services?

This film, made by a group of people affected by cancer, highlights the benefits of getting involved, and gives some tips to help you get started.