Cycling Guides

Planning to do a cycling challenge for Team Macmillan? Whether you're an amateur weekend peddler or the next Chris Froome we can help you reach your goals.

Train right for your cycling challenge

Is this the first time cycling at your chosen distance? Perhaps your first cycling event at all? Our beginners training guides are here to guide you through.

Taking part in a Macmillan cycling challenge is no mean feat so you’ll need to dedicate some time to training. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you in the right direction with plenty of resources to assist with your event preparations.

When you sign up to cycle for Macmillan we’ll send you a fundraising and training pack, full of information to get you started and we’re also on hand to answer any questions you might have about your event or the training involved. And if we can’t answer them, then head right over to British Cycling who can provide the latest advice.

Before embarking on any physical training programme, it's advisable to see your doctor for a medical or health assessment, particularly if you're a current smoker, are overweight or if there's a history of heart disease in your family.

British Cycling Training Plans

Three men wearing green Macmillan cycling vests riding on a road in front of Loch Ness.

8 Week Sofa to 50Km Training Plan

This 8-week sofa to 50 km training plan is ideal for the complete cycling novice who is currently sedentary and is looking to start cycling for health, fitness, recreation, commuting or to tackle a challenge or charity ride.

12 cyclists, two of which are wearing green Macmillan cycling vests riding past Loch Ness.

Making the most of your indoor trainer

The 12-week British Cycling Off-Season Base Builder plan is ideal for intermediate and advanced riders who are looking to build base fitness. Click here for more information.

An older and younger man wearing green Macmillan cycling vests holding hands as they ride towards the finish line.

8 Week Pre-Season Training Plan

The 8-week British Cycling Pre-Season plan is ideal for intermediate and advanced riders and is designed to follow on from the 12-week British Cycling Off-Season Base Builder plan.

Our Top Training Tips

Planning is key

Before you begin, consider how much time you have available for training and plan your sessions accordingly. Think about any holidays you have planned, events you can’t miss and any other commitments that might affect your schedule.

Eat well

It’s important to be eating the right foods during training to ensure you keep your energy levels topped up and you are well hydrated. Eat plenty of carbohydrates, particularly in the two-three hours before a training session.

Warm up and stretch

Make sure you prepare your body for the exercise you’re about to undertake and don’t forget to warm down afterwards as well.

Get the gear

Invest in a decent bike, ensure that it is set up correctly for you and then make sure it is well maintained. Your local bike store will be able to help with all this and this will help to ensure that you maximise the benefit from your training as well as minimising potential injuries.