Keep it safe and legal

Make sure your event measures up.

Don't let anything stand in the way of your event being a huge success. Take a bit of time to have a look through some of the practical things to consider.

Health and safety and risk assessment

Follow the professional advice of equipment manufacturers and staff supervising any facilities. Events need to be adequately risk-assessed to find, reduce and control the risk to all those taking part and members of the public who may be attending.

Macmillan cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury suffered by yourself or anyone else as a result of taking part in a fundraising event organised in aid of Macmillan.

Some useful information on organising your own event can be found at the Institute of Fundraising.

Help for how to complete a risk assessment can be found at the Health and Safety Executive.

For more information please contact the Fundraising Support Centre on 0300 1000 200.

Here's a handy template to get you started:

HSE risk assessment [PDF]


Food hygiene

This is vitally important. Please take great care when handling food and work to basic rules for safe preparation, storage, display and cooking.

A Food Standards Agency booklet 'Preventing Food Poisoning - Good hygiene at home' can be downloaded from the Food Standards Agency. Further information can be found on the NHS Choices website and from your local authority.


Data protection

Make sure any electronic or paper record you keep about people involved in a fundraising event complies with the Data Protection Act. As a rule of thumb, don't keep information about people any longer than you have to, and don't share information or data about someone without their permission. More information can be found at the Information Commissioner's Office.



By organising your own fundraising event in aid of Macmillan, you are responsible for taking adequate steps to make sure that the event poses no risk to others. Check that any buildings or equipment that you hire are covered. Insurance is often included in the hire fee but not always.

You may need to consider arranging public liability cover for some events, which will protect you against claims made by third parties for injury or property damage as a result of negligence. In most cases, for public and/or hazardous events, you may need public liability cover in place. For private events this may not be necessary. Please seek advice if you are unsure.

For more information, please call the Fundraising Support Centre on 0300 1000 200.


Alcohol and public entertainment license

If your event involves the sale of alcohol and/or live or recorded music, dancing, showing of a film or performance of a play, an indoor sporting event (including a boxing or wrestling match), or any entertainment of a similar nature, you may need a licence. Speak with your local authority, the police and other relevant parties as necessary. For more help, please call the Fundraising Support Centre on 0300 1000 200.



Public collections take place in a public space. Public collections are governed by strict legal requirements and must be licensed by the Local Authority. Before you approach your local authority for a license, please contact the Fundraising Support Centre on 0300 1000 200. Some popular premises for public collections, such as supermarkets, train stations, etc. may require you to arrange public liability insurance. It’s worth checking with your contact beforehand.

Private collections take place on private premises and do not need the permission of the local authority. If you're organising a private collection you only need the permission of the owner of the premises.


Raffles, lotteries and prize draws

There are strict legal requirements about the organisation of raffles, lotteries and prize draws. Please check the guidelines with Macmillan's Fundraising Support Centre on 0300 1000 200 before you plan your raffle. They'll be able to help you make sure you've thought of everything. More information about these rules can be found at the Gambling Commission.


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