Continue their story

Remembering and sharing a loved one’s little quirks, stories, jokes and things that made them special can keep their memory alive. If supporting Macmillan in their memory is a way you’d like to continue their story, there are lots of different ways to do so.

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Donate in memory

Choosing to honour your loved one's memory by donating to Macmillan is one way to continue their story.

Whether it was a cause they gave to personally or they received support themselves, every single pound you give will help us be there for more people with cancer and their families.

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Collect in memory

Collecting donations in memory is another opportunity to remember a loved one with friends and family, and to continue telling and sharing their story whilst supporting a cause that may have been important to them.

You might choose to do this at their funeral or celebration of life, by asking for donations instead of flowers. 

Alternatively, if you’d like to honour a loved one at a different type of event, see our most popular fundraising ideas for collecting in memory. You can also shop our in memory products, another way to remember your loved one whilst supporting Macmillan.

To order collection envelopes, use the button below or contact our supporter care team on If you’d prefer an online collection, please read our information about creating a tributes fund below.

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Create a Tribute Fund

This is a place where you, your friends and family can come together and remember – by posting photos, leaving messages and sharing stories. It’s also somewhere to share the fundraising you’re doing in their memory and to take part in events in their honour.

It’s a lovely, positive way to celebrate your loved one’s life and make a real difference to people with cancer and those close to them.

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Leave a gift in your will

Leaving a gift in your will in memory of your loved one is one of the most impactful ways you can continue their story, and carry on their name. Gifts in wills make up over a third of Macmillan’s income, so you’ll be helping us be there for even more people with cancer in the future as well as creating a lasting legacy for your loved one.

Alternatively, if you’re responsible for your loved one’s estate and need any advice, read our information for executors. You can also email our team who may even have some tips on how to save some money administering the estate.

Fundraise in memory

Organising an event in memory of your loved one is a great way to celebrate their life and raise money to help Macmillan support more people with cancer and their families.

Other ways to get involved

There are so many other ways to get out there and do something for your loved one, click here to find out more.

We're here for you

Whether you need information, support, or someone to talk to, we’re here for you. Find details of our Support Line, Online Community or how to find services in your area.