The Cove Macmillan Support Centre

More than 21,000 people in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are living with cancer. Thank you to all of our amazing donors. So far you have raised a brilliant £420,000. We would love for you to continue to support us for the next £580,000.

How would a new centre help?

The Cove Macmillan Support Centre will provide a dedicated facility for people affected by cancer, whether they're the patient, are caring for someone or are simply worried about cancer.

Cancer affects every part of your life and people need financial, emotional and practical support, as well as medical treatment. The Cove Macmillan Support Centre will mean people have a place to come to when they need support, and will offer a wide range of services to make sure people with cancer have the best quality of life they can.

How will my donation make a difference?

'The centre at the Royal Cornwall Hospital will mean that no one going through cancer treatment in Cornwall will have to do it alone. But we can’t do it without your support.’

Kathryn Radcliffe, Senior Matron

The total cost for developing the Cove Macmillan Support Centre will be approximately £2.8m. We need to raise £1m locally to make sure we meet the quality standards we expect for this, as with every, new cancer facility where we have the chance to be involved.

We're raising funds for a Macmillan Cancer Centre at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro. There's a small chance we'll raise more than we need for this project, and if this happens then your gift will be used to provide much needed help and support to people affected by cancer in the Cornwall area.

Latest news

For the latest news and updates from The Cove Macmillan Support Centre, visit our brand new website Macmillan Builds.

Anna's story

'Because we’re such a rural county, you need something right there to give you information as soon as you’re diagnosed.

'A lot of people leave hospital and they don’t know where to go or what to do — I’m sure people would go home stronger and more able to face this if the information was there straight after they've been diagnosed.

'And although internet coverage is fairly good down here, we have a very large, elderly population who aren’t computer-literate at all. So if they can go into a centre, and sit with somebody who can get them access to the knowledge that they need, that'd make all the difference.

'People often don’t want to bother the doctor, and they find it hard to be assertive about what they need, so a support centre is desperately needed.'

Anna, breast cancer patient

Macmillan Cancer Support is proud to work in partnership with the Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust on the Cove Macmillan Support Centre.

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