Tameside Macmillan Unit

Every year over 1,000 people in Tameside and Glossop are told they have cancer. At Macmillan Cancer Support we want to be there for them every step of the way. Your help to build the Tameside Macmillan Unit will ensure we can do this.

We are delighted to share the news that Tameside Hospital is to have its own state of the art Macmillan Cancer Centre. This is a hugely exciting development as there has long been a need for a purpose built centre where local people can access specialist cancer treatment, information and ongoing support.

Treatment is currently provided in different locations across the hospital’s site, the chemotherapy area is too small for the number of patients it needs to see and there is no information and support service.

The new centre will make a vast difference by providing:

  • A dedicated Macmillan information and support centre with a Macmillan Information Manager and Information Assistant to support patients and families
  • A new six-chair chemotherapy suite and a room for acute chemotherapy which will allow for current treatments to be expanded and for local people to have their treatment close to home
  • A courtyard to connect the Macmillan centre with the outpatients building and make the patient experience easier
  • An extension to the current provision of complementary therapies
  • Dedicated space for prosthesis and wig fitting and space for counselling and support groups
  • A place for the Macmillan Benefits Adviser to provide financial support to patients and families
  • A place for the existing Macmillan team at the hospital which includes a Lead Cancer Nurse and advanced lung cancer practitioner, a rarer cancers and oncology Macmillan clinical nurse specialist, three Macmillan breast cancer clinical nurse specialists, a Macmillan lung cancer clinical nurse specialist, a Macmillan upper gastro-intestinal cancer clinical nurse specialist and a Macmillan head and neck cancer clinical nurse specialist to be with their patients
  • A central hub for cancer services in the area

Support our appeal

The centre will cost £2m and work will begin in Spring 2016, with doors set to open to patients at the end of the year.  In order to make this a reality we need support from the communities of Tameside, Glossop and people across Greater Manchester.

Whether you wish to partner with us at your workplace, give your time, make a gift to our appeal or organise your own fundraising event, we urgently need your support. For more information about how you can do this, please contact Rose Tipton, Macmillan Fundraising Manager on 07894 936356 or rtipton@macmillan.org.uk.

Our target is big and we are raising funds for a Tameside Macmillan Unit. There's a small chance we'll raise more than we need for this project, and if this happens then your gift will be used to provide much needed help and support to people affected by cancer in the Tameside and Glossop area.

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If you would like to make a donation from your mobile, text TAME16 to 70070 and make a difference today.

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