Christmas recipes

Macmillan and Greene King have worked together to create this collection of traditional recipes for people with living with cancer at Christmas

We know a cancer diagnosis can affect people’s diet in lots of different ways. These traditional recipes have been created with our partners Greene King to cater for a range of these needs.

As a consequence of treatment, some people with cancer may experience a dry and sore mouth, or have difficulty swallowing, so we have created delicious soft options and soups. Others may not have much of an appetite, so we’ve designed small dishes high in vital nutrients. We know many people with cancer have low energy, so we’ve also ensured these recipes are simple to prepare and cook too.

We hope that these recipes will help people with cancer enjoy a delicious meal with loved ones this Christmas.

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Recipes if you are experiencing taste changes


All recipes created by Greene King’s Food Development Team, in collaboration with Macmillan Cancer Support.

The photographed dishes were cooked by Macmillan supporters Ellis, Deby, Joe, Lauren, Gen and Vince. Photography by Adam Smyth Photography.

Greene King and Macmillan Cancer Support have been working in partnership since 2014 during which time they have raised an incredible £4 million. This money has been used by the charity to fund vital professionals, including the specialist Macmillan Dietitians who supported the creation of these recipes.