APPGC Inquiry into the England Cancer Strategy

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer has launched a short inquiry into the England Cancer Strategy. On this page you can find information about the inquiry, and the forthcoming report.

In 2015, the Independent Cancer Taskforce published its report, Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes: A Strategy for England 2015-2020 which set out a vision for the care cancer patients should receive from the NHS.

Following on from the publication of the report and implementation plan published by NHS England in May 2016, the APPGC launched a short inquiry to assess progress made over the last year. In September 2016 the APPGC released a short report 'All-Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer Inquiry. Progress into the implementation of the England Cancer Strategy: One year on' outlining the inquiry findings and recommendations.

Terms of Reference

The inquiry focuses on the progress made since the publication of the England Cancer Strategy. It aims to provide recommendations to Government and NHS England to shape the implementation of the delivery of the Cancer Strategy in future years.

The inquiry received written submissions from a range of stakeholders on the following terms of reference:

  • What progress has been made in implementing the Cancer Strategy? Is progress happening at a pace which will enable successful delivery of the Strategy against the timescales set out in the Taskforce’s report?
  • What needs to be in place to ensure successful delivery of the Cancer Strategy? Are these structures and systems being established effectively and/or at the necessary pace - particularly when it comes to rarer cancers?
  • What are the key challenges in implementing the Cancer Strategy, and how well are these being addressed?
  • What should the priorities be for the Cancer Transformation Board and the National Cancer Advisory Group in the next 12 months with regards to delivering the Cancer Strategy?
  • Has sufficient funding been allocated and made available for delivery of the Strategy?
  • What mechanisms are in place to involve patients in the delivery of the Strategy, and how effective have these been during the first year?

Submitting Evidence

The deadline for submitting written evidence has now passed.  For further information please contact Ayesha Ahmed on


Oral Evidence sessions

The APPGC held two oral evidence sessions on 4 July in Parliament. A panel of MPs and Peers took evidence from the following witnesses:

  • Sir Harpal Kumar, Chair of the Independent Cancer Taskforce and Chair of the National Cancer Advisory Group
  • Cally Palmer, National Cancer Director
  • Jane Ellison MP, former Public Health Minister
  • Professor Chris Harrison, National Clinical Director for Cancer

The APPGC held two oral evidence sessions on 4 July in Parliament.