Understanding your role as a Macmillan professional

Read how we support you in meeting all the expectations of your Macmillan role and discover opportunities that may be of interest on a professional or personal level.

As a Macmillan professional, you’re one of nearly 9,000 people in a wide variety of roles and services, employed by a range of partner organisations, all delivering and developing services in Macmillan’s name. We want to work with you to make sure that you have the right support to provide the best treatment and care for people affected by cancer. We also want you to feel part of a valued and supported Macmillan community and to inspire others to get involved in Macmillan’s work.

Professional requirements

Core professional requirements

  • Deliver quality care, working effectively in teams/partnerships
  • Ensure you and your service are up to date
  • Work to continually improve and innovate within your service
  • Promote the service to those who should access it or refer to it

Specific requirements for the Macmillan part of your role

  • Make clear to service users that you are a Macmillan supported professional (at the most appropriate point in your clinical/professional interaction)
  • Be aware of Macmillan’s strategy and aims (from ‘We are Macmillan’ day or other Learning and Development activities and newsletters)
  • Refer people to Macmillan’s direct services
  • Refer anyone wanting to make a donation, volunteer or campaign to the appropriate Macmillan team
  • Inform Macmillan of any complaint against your branded service
  • Undertake Macmillan induction events and any relevant Learning and Development activity, in line with the contract Macmillan has with your employing organisation
  • Submit annual reports to Macmillan with data requirements as agreed with your Macmillan
  • representative
  • Take part in Macmillan review of service processes (dependant on the needs of your service)

Discretionary effort (when you can)

  • Contribute to Macmillan’s policy, research and strategy development/take part in consultations
  • Publish good practice and share with Macmillan
  • Take part in networking, Learning and Development opportunities
  • Promote Macmillan and its services through the media and communications work
  • Promote Macmillan’s fundraising activities, speak to supporter audiences eg World's Biggest Coffee Morning
  • Help on the Macmillan Mobile Information Units when they are in your area

What we will do for you as a Macmillan professional


You can take advantage of:

  • The Macmillan Induction programme
  • Learning and development events
  • Networking events
  • Involvement with Macmillan’s wider influencing activity
  • Grants for people affected by cancer
  • Quality Information for people affected by cancer
  • Grants for your learning and development (within our criterion) – individual and group
  • Toolkits to support professionals
  • Bespoke promotional products designed specifically for your service
  • Digital learning and information resources
  • Information about the ways people affected by cancer can get involved with Macmillan
  • Access to funding for service development through case of need


You can expect Macmillan to:

  • Encourage and listen to your feedback
  • Facilitate professional networks
  • Provide free information and guidance
  • Provide accessible, responsive Macmillan representatives when you need them
  • Provide support for service improvement and problem solving
  • Facilitate and mediate in professional’s work challenges (where appropriate and in discussion with your employer)
  • Be open to change and new ideas
  • Provide strategic and expert knowledge in cancer services provision
  • Offer support to deliver case of need outcomes and improve cancer services
  • Be an unbiased ‘critical friend’
  • Influence cancer service development
  • Understand the local complex environment, multiple agencies and constraints
  • Provide insight from wider cancer services and a broad overview of the needs of people
  • affected by cancer

Applying for or managing a Macmillan post

If you are applying for a Macmillan post, manage a Macmillan post or service, or are thinking of applying for adoption, the following documents may be useful:

Helping people affected by cancer to give something back

Raising awareness of Macmillan

It is vital that people affected by cancer know they are receiving support from Macmillan professionals or services. By communicating this, you raise awareness of our work and demonstrate how we spend our donated income.

Also, if people know Macmillan has helped them, they’re more likely to support us in the future and ask you for information on how to do this.

This is why we ask you to use Macmillan branded items as the easiest way of showing people that you're a Macmillan professional. Choose from our large selection of branded items and don't forget they're all free to Macmillan post holders and teams.

You can access all the above when you log in to the be.Macmillan website. You can also see our short video for a quick overview on how be.Macmillan supports Macmillan professionals.

Signposting people affected by cancer to our services

For Macmillan to reach and support everyone living with cancer in the UK, it’s vital Macmillan professionals inform people about our services, including the Macmillan Support Line, website, mobile information and support services, information resources and online community.

Find out more about our services for people affected by cancer.

Your involvement in service improvements

Your annual report

Every year, we will ask you to provide a report on your service. We believe this is the best practice for service planning and development and will keep all key stakeholders up to date on how your service is evolving.

Your regional support team can answer any questions about your annual report. They can also provide templates and written guidance, if you need it.

Service reviews

We undertake service reviews normally every few years for as long as your role or service uses the Macmillan name. This may be while Macmillan is funding your role or service, or after our funding ends.

There are different ways of conducting a service review, from an informal catch-up with your Macmillan Service Development Team, to formal reviews involving all stakeholders. The key areas a service review can help with are:

  • service evaluation, planning and future developments
  • the commissioning process
  • promoting your service
  • celebrating your successes and identifying good practice
  • identifying support you need from Macmillan to develop your service.

Resources for your role

Presentation templates

We've created a presentation template [Powerpoint] to help you communicate with your stakeholders about Macmillan. It showcases our organisational successes and explains where we’ve come from, who we are and what we do. It also illustrates where we’re going and our strategy to meet the future demands of cancer care.

You can also use our WizKit presentation template which includes pre-populated slides, our new photo style and the Macmillan font. Use this whenever you're creating a Macmillan presentation in Powerpoint.


The Macmillan Professionals Expenses Policy has been reviewed and updated (January 2020).

Please use our new expense claim form for all Macmillan Professional expense claims, and send completed forms to serviceopssupport@macmillan.org.uk.

This form replaces all previous expense claim forms.

Promoting your service

Promoting your service toolkit [PDF] - Contains practical ideas, tips and resources to help you promote your service.