Macmillan Fellowship

Macmillan fellowships are awarded to professionals who have set the highest standards in their area of work. Fellows gain access to increased learning and development opportunities and help contribute strategically to Macmillan’s work.

How are fellows selected?

Individual award finalists, who have been a Macmillan professional for more than three years, are eligible to apply for a fellowship. We ask the Macmillan Partnership Quality Leads of finalists to complete a fellowship application form. Finalists are then invited for a short fellowship interview. The decision to award the fellowship is based on the interview, the finalist’s plans for using the grant and whether they are selected as a winner. Up to three Macmillan fellows can be selected per year.

In 2018, a fellowship was awarded to one exceptional Excellence Award winner.

Tracey Ellis, Macmillan Consultant Radiographer – Lancashire Teaching Hospitals

Driven by the needs of her patients with potentially curative prostate cancer, Tracey has a remarkable ability to spot the gaps in service provision, and then think outside the box to fill them. Her visionary approach, combined with a strong leadership style and a positive outlook has led Tracey to make her first-of-its-kind Consultant Radiographer role an enormous success.

Tracey’s role mirrors that of a clinical oncologist for this defined group of patients. Crucially, she can see patients quicker and offer enhanced support to ensure they are fully informed of their treatment options. As well as improving the patient experience, Tracey is passionate about helping her colleagues to develop. By offering clinical supervision, mentorship and Master’s-level academic support, she inspires others to realise their true potential.

Tracey never misses an opportunity to share her model of working at local and national conferences. Going forward, she hopes to do the same at international conferences, to highlight the benefits of her work on a world stage, since no such roles exist outside of the UK.

If you would like to find out more about Tracey’s work please email Sarah Taylor, Partnership Quality Lead.