The hidden cost of cancer

Four in five people with cancer are £570 a month worse off as a result of their diagnosis.

  • Macmillan’s research report reveals the sheer scale of the financial burden faced by people living with cancer.
  • People may stop working and face a loss of income, whilst having to cope with additional costs.
  • People affected by cancer may not be able to access vital financial support when they need it the most. We campaign to make sure people living with cancer have access to the right kind of support and financial guidance.

Together, we can make sure they have access to the support they need to deal with money worries, so they can get back to the things that matter most in life.

Put the fair into welfare

Together, we can make sure that people living with cancer get vital financial support when they need it most.

Freeze out fuel poverty

We created a giant knitting machine (infi-knit) to highlight the impact of fuel poverty on people with cancer. You can watch our infi-knit machine in action on the campaign page.