Darlaine, diagnosed with breast cancer. A woman stands in the sea in a swimming costume.

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When you’re living with cancer, getting physically active can be a positive change to your life. Discover free information and support to help you fit movement into your everyday routine.

Darlaine's story

However you get moving, it all makes a difference

It's all about finding a way to move that works for you

  • Physical activity and cancer

    There are many ways to be physically active. It can mean doing simple daily activities, such as housework or walking to the shops. Or it can mean more energetic activities, such as gardening, dancing, running or cycling.

    Many people say physical activity helps them feel more like they did before cancer, but you may need to be careful with the activities you choose. This will depend on your type of cancer, as well as your treatment, its side effects and any other medical conditions you might have.

    We have information about physical activity and cancer.
  • How can we help?

    If you haven’t been active before or for a long time, or if you feel nervous about starting physical activity, it can help to get advice.

    You can talk to your doctor, a physiotherapist or cancer exercise specialist, or an occupational therapist. You could also ask your doctor about any exercise referral schemes in your area.

    These are some tips to help you get started.
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Mark, diagnosed with MS. Mark uses a wheelchair while playing with his family with water guns in the garden.

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