Our 2021 Annual Report release

Published: 01 August 2022
Cover of Macmillan Annual Report and Accounts 2021  We are delighted to share with you Macmillan Cancer Support’s Annual Report & Accounts for 2021.

Last year, we were able to help over 2.4 million people living with cancer.

Annual Report 2021

Our Annual Report & Accounts for 2021 details everything that we’ve been up to, how we’ve spent our money, and provides a space to celebrate all the hard work that has gone into helping us improve the lives of those affected by cancer. 

There are now more than three million people with cancer in the UK. That means millions of lives turned upside down, in thousands of different ways. Last year, we were able to help over 2.4 million people living with cancer and going forwards, we will continue to do whatever it takes to provide the best possible support for those that need us. 

The outstanding work of volunteering hasn’t gone unnoticed. Our annual report really shines a light on the life-changing impacts of the Macmillan Buddy service, as well as the volunteer fundraising, cheering, collections, event support and much more. 

Within the first few pages of the report, you can read the personal experiences of Roger and Asha, who were matched up as part of the Macmillan Buddy service. Both of them touched on the uplifting effect that talking to others can have and how they are always learning from each other’s experiences.

Volunteers helped Macmillan raise just under £120 million in donations!

How we raised our money

The incredible fundraising efforts of volunteers have also been given the attention they deserve. Thanks to your time and dedication to collections, cheering, handing out medals, supporting events, and lots more, volunteers helped Macmillan raise just under £120 million in donations!

A pie chart showing how we raised our money in 2021.

How we spent our money

At Macmillan, we take great pride and responsibility to make sure that all of this income is spent in just the right way. In fact, it was invested wisely into a diverse number of areas. Here is how we spent our income in 2021: 


A pie chart image of how we spend our money in 2021 as part of Macmillan's Annual Report and Accounts.


Together with our volunteers, professionals, partners, employees and supporters, we will continue to do everything we can to: 

ensure everyone with cancer knows they can turn to Macmillan for help and support
fight so that people living with cancer are treated as individuals, not just patients, and that people get the support needed to live life as fully as they can
inspire more people to give to Macmillan so we can continue to be there for people when they need us most 
empower, reflect, and represent the communities we serve in everything we do to support everyone living with cancer.