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Watch our videos about specific tests and scans. You will hear from health professionals about what to expect when having a scan or screening test. Some videos also include people talking about their experience of having these tests.

How cancer is diagnosed

Having a CT scan

A radiographer explains how a CT scan works, and Jyoti talks about her experience.

Having a colonoscopy

Dr Ana Wilson, Consultant Gastroenterologist, explains what to expect if you're having a colonoscopy.


The PSA test

A urologist describes the symptoms of prostate cancer and the PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test, and a patient shares his experience.


How lymphoma is diagnosed

Diagnosing lymphoma

In this cancer information video, Dr Robert Marcus explains what lymphoma is and how it is diagnosed. Linda, who had non-Hodgkin lymphoma, talks about how she felt when she was told of her diagnosis.

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