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Videos about side effects of treatment

Watch our videos about some of the side effects of cancer treatment. You will hear from health professionals about what to expect and how to cope. Some videos also include people talking about their experience and what they did to manage their side effects.

Physical side effects


Diane describes living with breast cancer and the menopausal symptoms that were caused by her chemotherapy.

Mouth problems

A slide show with tips for looking after your mouth during chemotherapy.

Tiredness (fatigue)

Denton describes how he coped with tiredness (fatigue) during his treatment for prostate cancer.

Dealing with hair loss

Treatment for cancer can cause hair loss. We brought cancer patients Amanda, Lurline and Doug together to share their experiences.

Neutropenic sepsis

Stuart talks about he how coped with neutropenic sepsis, an infection which can be a side effect of chemotherapy.


What is lymphoedema?

Dawn Heal, a lymphoedema nurse specialist explains what lymphoedema is and what causes it. Annabel talks about her experience of coping with lymphoedema.

Treating and managing lymphoedema

Dawn Heal, a lymphoedema nurse specialist explains how lymphoedema is treated. Annabel shares her experience of lymphoedema.

Sex and fertility

Sexual problems

Sexual therapist Isabel White discusses some common sexual problems for younger and older people affected by cancer.


Robert talks about having treatment to preserve his fertility when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma.

Sex and impotence after prostate cancer

Brian talks about the impact of prostate cancer and impotence on his sex life. He explains how, in the face of these challenges, his relationship with Elizabeth remained strong.

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