Cancer type videos


Find videos about specific cancer types starting with P-Z (in alphabetical order). This section includes videos about primary liver, prostate, skin, stomach, testicular and thyroid cancer.

Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer explained

Abdominal Surgeon Charles Imber explains pancreatic cancer. He gives an overview of the symptoms and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Primary liver cancer

Liver cancer explained

A liver surgeon talks about the symptoms of liver cancer, how it is diagnosed, possible causes, and treatments.

Prostate cancer

Sex and impotence after prostate cancer

Brian talks about the impact of prostate cancer and impotence on his sex life. He explains how, in the face of these challenges, his relationship with Elizabeth remained strong.

Treatment for locally-advanced prostate cancer

A urologist explains the treatment options for locally-advanced prostate cancer, and a patient shares his experience.

Skin cancer

Treating skin cancer

Watch a Macmillan Skin Cancer Nurse Specialist explain the different treatments for skin cancer.

Stomach cancer

Testicular cancer

About testicular cancer

Dr Jonathan Aning describes the symptoms of testicular cancer and talks about how it is treated. Kieran shares his experience of coping with surgery and chemotherapy.

Thyroid cancer

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