Cancer type videos


Find videos about specific cancer types starting with A-G (in alphabetical order). This section includes videos about anal, bowel, breast and cervical cancer, and brain tumours.

Anal cancer

Living with anal cancer

Tania talks about her experience of living with anal cancer, how she felt after diagnosis and the difficulty she had finding other people with rare cancers.

Bowel cancer

Living with a stoma

A clinical nurse specialist talks about stomas and preparing patients physically and psychologically for having a stoma.

Brain tumours

Brain tumour symptoms

A clinical nurse specialist talks about the symptoms of brain tumours and some which may not be related.

Claire on being supported by a Macmillan nurse

When Claire was diagnosed with a brain tumour, she went in for surgery the very next day. Shez, a Macmillan nurse, spoke to her about what to expect.

After brain tumour treatment

Jordan, who has had a brain tumour, talks about life after cancer treatment. Anna, a Neuro-oncology nurse practitioner explains the side effects of cancer treatment.

Breast cancer

Cervical cancer

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