Vivek on diagnosis


Vivek was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2006 after he had been experiencing symptoms for a few years.

Although his cancer has been physically and emotionally draining, he tries not spending too much time worrying or being upset.

Vivek's story

It was a good few years before they actually diagnosed me with the brain tumour. I went to the GP quite a few times with different issues, but they never quite put two and two together. In the end it was 2006 and I went to the opticians because I had a big blind spot in my left eye, and they then sent me to hospital for a scan, which then showed there was a brain tumour.

The optician actually told me when I was on the way to the hospital that there was a good chance it could be a brain tumour. So I was quite prepared for whatever the outcome was. And I take things as they come. I was just, okay, what do we do about it, and let’s get on with it.

Even the radiographer who did the CT scan, she knew straight away. Just looking at her face, I could tell. So I asked her, ‘Do I have a brain tumour?’ And she just looked at me with really sad eyes and said, ‘I can’t tell you – the doctor has to tell you.’

I was still working at the stockbrokers at the time – in fact I’d only been there for a year. So I was off sick for nearly two years when I was recovering.

Physically it’s completely draining. Emotionally, I’m not someone to let something like this pull me down. You can’t change what’s happened. You just have to deal with it, accept it. If I get told that something’s happened, then I move on to the next stage. Like, okay, what do we do next? I don’t really spend any time worrying or getting upset.

I’ve always been quite carefree and don’t worry about things too much. Especially with the cancer, I took it in my stride and just tried to deal with things as they happened.

Watch: all about Vivek's experiences

Watch: all about Vivek's experiences